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We offer CPR Certification Classes in Los Angeles

We would like to thank you for visiting the online home of G Medical CPR also known as CPR First Aid Certification Classes Los Angeles. G Medical CPR is a certified American Heart Association Training Site offering CPR cards and books the very same day of the class. We provide CPR, BLS, AED, and First Aid training courses at very competitive rates. Here at G Medical CPR, it's simple, you will not leave our class without really understanding how to conduct Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid, and you'll get your card at the completion of the class.

CPR Certification Process

Every thing we do falls into 3 main categories when it comes to our CPR training, We offer CPR and First Aid certification, BLS for health care providers, or we go to our clients location to do workplace safety CPR and first aid training. See below for more details

Our Classes Fall into 3 Major Categories:

Click one of the options below to learn more about the certification you need.

BLS certification los angeles
Basic Life Support

This Basic Life Support (BLS) class is geared towards all healthcare providers such as Nurses, Doctors, or anyone with a medical license or offering medical attention in Hospitals, Dentist's offices, various medical facilities.
CPR Certification Classes los angeles
CPR And First Aid

This CPR Class is dedicated to those needing CPR certification and first aid. This usually includes teachers, security guards, child development, or anyone required to have CPR certification who are not affiliated with the healthcare field.
Group CPR Training at your Location
Onsite Group Classes!

Have a large group at a clinic, club, or organization? Why go through the hassle of arranging travel for a group when G-Medical CPR can come to you? We can certify your whole group at once and give you a discounted rate.

CPR AED First Aid Certification Class in Inglewood

CPR AED First Aid Certification Online

G Medical CPR has now launched a blended online optionCPR And First Aid. After watching the online training videos, you can schedule an appointment to do your in-class portion one on one and save time.

How to Get CPR Certified Online?

#1 Sign Up by clicking this link here CPR Training, after signing up you will be redirected to make your payment.
( the proper option that pretains to your job )
#2 Click here to view our online training videos
#3 Wait for your eCard to come in the email, you can print it out and bring it to your job or just forward the email to your job.
**Note First Time Customers Must Come in to Attend Skills Training**

Why Choose G Medical CPR?

G Medical CPR gladly conforms to the American Heart Association CPR guidelines and American Red Cross CPR guidelines. Our experienced instructors make our classes more simplistic yet more informative than any other class you've ever been to. You'll learn something from us we guarantee it, and we have the best prices in town!

Over the years, we've gained relevant experience that adds to our credibility as CPR instructors. We do our best to give our students the best possible learning atmosphere and experience, whether it be refreshments, frequent breaks, or team building exercises.

We encourage our students to provide us with feedback and ways we can improve at the conclusion of every class. We take our reviews seriously click here to see our reviews. Most of all, we love what we do. When we look into the faces of the many people that will take the knowledge that they attained here back to their co-workers, families, and their communities, we get satisfaction in knowing that we may have played a role in saving someone’s life. This lets us know at G Medical that it’s all worth it.