CPR BLS Class Los Angeles Course Details

Los Angeles CPR and First Aid Certification

Course includes:American Heart Association BLS CPR AED (Healthcare providers, new and renewing) training.

Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays

(Other days are available for personalized scheduling. Please call for more details)

Time: Wed at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9:00am

Rate: $65.00 per person +15.00 Book Fee if you don't already have one

Method of Payment: Cash, money order, Credit or Debit card payments are accepted.

** Note You Only Need One Class and Get Your Certification the Same Day **

  • 2024 AHA Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care
  • Adult, Children, and Infant 1-Rescuer and 2-Rescuer CPR/AED
  • Use of Bag-mask techniques for Adult, Children, and Infants
  • Rescue breathing techniques for Adult, Children, and infants
  • Choking relief techniques for Adult, Children, and Infants
  • CPR with Advanced Airway techniques
  • CPR Classes in the local to the Los Angeles area ( 1 class necessary )

Who should take this course: All Medical or EMS personnel, Physician Assistants, Physicians, Nurses, EMTs, Dentists, Dental Assistants, Respiratory Therapist, etc., or anyone required to have credentialed documented course completion with the American Heart Association CPR Class Los Angeles.

Course Content:

CPR BLS Class Los Angeles

Hospitals and EMTs need people like you to help keep the victims alive until they can get them to the hospital. We understand that most people don’t realize the importance of CPR until it’s too late. Don’t wait until it happens to a family member or co-worker and have no idea what to do.

Our BLS class is tailored for trained medical professionals who respond to 911 emergencies. This class includes an advanced level of CPR training for those who are in high risk environments on a regular basis.

American Heart Association BLS CPR

Watching CPR being performed in movies and/or on TV is not good enough. Learning from life threatening events, the American Heart Association training gets better and better at offering faster and more precise methodologies to saving lives.

We help train people to save lives that may have been lost. CPR Classes in Los Angeles area provides a very important service.

BLS ( Basic Life Support ) Certification

Knowing how to provide accurate basic life support skills in an emergency can be very useful. The clock is ticking and there is no time to waste. You simply have to act. Many of our students have contacted us and thanked us for the training that helped save the life of a family member, friend or stranger.

BLS is a unique class the American Heart Association offers that most California hospitals accept. CPR classes and CPR instructors must adhere to regulations that meet up with the standards of medical facilities and their staff.


We have a course outline that helps every student learn specific techniques so they will have the training they need to take back to their jobs in the medical field or to get a job in the medical field.

The core of BLS involves team based resuscitation attempts. You may play a vital role in saving someone’s life.

It is vital that you know BLS and CPR ( “Learning” when someone’s life is on the line is not a good idea). Many people don’t take CPR serious or they feel as though they have taken CPR so many times they don’t need a refresher. There have been instances where some will issue CPR cards without instructing a class or actually teaching BLS and CPR. This is why oversight and regulations are required so that medical employers are confident that their employees and staff will get proper training. CPR Class Los Angeles

American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers

The American Heart Association CPR class offered by G Medical CPR Los Angeles lets your employer know that you have been trained to AHA standards. We make sure your skill set goes with and matches what’s on your specific CPR card.


G Medical CPR Los Angeles welcomes experienced Doctors or RN’s (registered nurse ) who probably have done real life CPR multiple times.

BLS Certification Online

Typically, they learn something new or something they have never heard in a CPR class before. A Doctor or RN can also be an inspiration to the students who have not done CPR before. They can bear witness to the seriousness of what the other students in the class are learning.

We take the BLS and CPR process seriously, and so should you. Remember, even if you have been certified in the past, you need to take our class and pass the test to get your BLS CPR card.

BLS for Healthcare Providers Classes Near Me

We get this question all the time, what is the difference between BLS for healthcare Providers and CPR. Well BLS which stands for basic life support is a type of CPR which is required by the medical field. The reason why it has a different name is to differentiate between the 2, you see in the healthcare field this is a high risk environment in which you may have to perform CPR on a regular basis, it could be every day.

Whereas in an environment like a childcare facility , you should know CPR , but in actuality you could go an entire career actually never having to perform CPR, in those cases you will be performing a lot of first aid. So since the stakes are much higher , the need to know more serious practices is much more important.

BLS CPR Certification

Right now at least in the state of California, the only CPR that is accepted by most hospitals is BLS for healthcare providers. The reason why that is, is because they want to assure that you got a quality in person class where you performed the skills in front of a licensed CPR instructor from the AHA and you have passed the test qualifying you to do CPR in a high risk environment like a hospital, emergency room, or ambulance etc..

In most cases in these situations we have to know how to perform CPR as a team, or to perform a team based resuscitation attempt. Performing CPR as a team is more efficient, and could give the victim a higher chance of revival ( survival.. If you know you know ). Due to the fact that lives are on the line more often is why it is required to take BLS for all the members of the healthcare field. If you still have question or concerns about this topic please feel free to click here to sign up and take the class and ask all the questions you would like.

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