Please Read the List of Frequently Asked Questions By Most of Our Students

When will I receive my CPR card?

You will receive your card within 7 business days of taking your class, although you can verify that the class was taken immediately on the computer please give us some time to process your paper work and get your card back to you, you can pick up your card at the office or you can bring with you a stamped envelope that we will mail it to you after you card has been printed.

How long are the certifications valid?

All of our certifications CPR are valid for 2 years

What should I wear?

The class involves hands-on practice so it is best if you wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in. If you have long hair it’s best to wear it back. Also Women should wear a shirt with a modest neck line so that they can feel comfortable bending over and doing compressions on a manikin.

How do I pay for the class?

You can register online by submitting your information by clicking our registration page a day in advance and calling us at (310) 946 – 2533 to confirm you date and class time. All payments can be processed at the class time using cash only, all credit cards can be accepted but will include a $5.00 processing fee.

Who will teach my class?

Your class will be taught by one of our professional lifeguards, Physician Assistants or Nurses that have real life experience applying cpr, it’s vital to understand the right way to administer this procedure from experienced professionals.

Are your courses through the American Heart Association?

Yes! All of our courses are based off the American Heart Association Guidelines. Our class is through the American Heart Association. Its also vital for you to make sure that your job accepts the course taken from american heart association, most jobs have stopped taking certification through the red cross.

Do you offer CPR and First Aid Classes in any other languages other than English?

Yes! We offer classes in both English and Spanish. Korean is underway as well.

Will G-Medical CPR come to my office or home to teach a class?

Absolutely! Please click here to schedule a mobile group appointment and we will be happy to assist your group, if possible we would like for you to have a television with room for the entire group to have practice administering the cpr procedure.

How large of a group can you teach? Do you offer CPR classes outside of Los Angeles?

We can accommodate any size group! We offer CPR classes in Los Angeles, but travel to all counties in Southern California including Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County, and more. if you have any questions regarding this please call us at (310) 946-2533

Will I have to share a manikin with someone else?

Yes Although for the majority or the class no, (BLS) is a service that offers 2 man / woman cpr and in this case 2 people will have to use the same manikin, but for most of the class we will have enough manikins to accommodate every student.

I took a class but lost my card. What do I do?

Please call us at (310) 946 -2533 and we will get you a new card right away the cost for a replacement card is $19.00.

Is this Legit? How do I know your establishment is really from the American Heart Association?

Call (310) 925-7090 Now to Schedule a Class!

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