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905 S. Prairie Ave. Inglewood CA 90301
(310) 946-2533
  • How much? BLS-CPR $50 for CPR-First Aid $50 AHA Book $20.
  • When are classes? Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9am
  • How do I sign up? Call (310) 946-2533 and get put on the next available class.
  • Is there anything I should bring? Bring a pen & paper and be prepared to give compressions.
  • Are you certified through the American Heart Association? Yes!
  • Do I get the card the same day?Yes!
  • Where are you located? Our address is 905 S. Prairie Ave. We are right across the street from Hollywood Park in Inglewood California, in a 7/11 shopping center, we do have parking and it is FREE.

  • Any other questions or concerns please call us, we will be happy to help. Call Us (310) 946-2533

BLS Certification for Healthcare

CPR classes los angeles

This a Basic Life Support class geared towards all healthcare providers such as Nurses, Doctors, and anyone offering medical attention in a Hospital, Dentist's office, various medical facilities etc. CEU units included

Heartsaver® CPR & First-Aid
Safety Training

CPR certification classes

This CPR Class is dedicated to those needing CPR certification and first aid, this usually includes police officers, lifeguards, teachers, those working with children, and basically everyone else required to have certification but not in the healthcare field.

Discount Group Classes in
BLS & Heartsaver CPR!

Los Angeles CPR certification

Have a large group at a clinic, club, or organization? Why come to our office in small groups when G-Medical CPR can come to you, certify your whole group at once and even give you a discount. We offer all of our classes including Heartsaver and BLS for health care providers.

CPR Classes in Inglewood

We would like to thank you for visiting our online home of G Medical CPR. G Medical CPR is a certified AHA training provider. We provide American Heart Association CPR, BLS, AED, Heartsaver and First Aid courses at very competitive rates. Here at G Medical CPR, it's simple, you will not leave our class room without really understanding how to conduct Cardio Pulmonary resustation (CPR). We take a great deal of pride everytime one of our students say,

"Most of the time time I just skim through the class and don't really learn anything from a CPR class, but that was the best CPR class I have ever taken."
In an emergency we're not just interested in you just being certified and having a card, we want you to know the proper steps so that you "Don't think twice and save a life" thats our motto here at our CPR class in Inglewood. You getting your CPR card is just proof that you know how to administer the procedure correctly.

Inglewood CPR Certification

We are located in the heart of Inglewood just across the street of the world famous Forum and Hollywood Park, very easy to find. Our cross streets are Prairie and Arbor Vitae. You can schedule a class today by calling us at (310) 946-2533 and check our availability to get into our next class. In fact if we have free spots available you can attend a free CPR certification class, we are more interested in you learning how to react in an emergency than simply the money. We train the city of Los Angeles how to react in that critical moment. Click here to check our calendar for availability for All CPR BLS, AED, Heartsaver, and First-aid courses.

Get Your Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Card Today

Conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation classes with us is very easy all you have to do is call us at (310) 946-2533 and get put on the schedule. After that we will get vital information from you like name phone number and email and if you've been cardiopulmonary resuscitation certified or not. Please click here to input your contact information.

Once you get put on the schedule we will notify you by email the night before your class as a reminder that you have class at the specified time and all you have to do is show up with a pen or pencil ready to get certified. Trust, this is a great experience and one you be glad you have had if you'rE ever in an emergency even with a friend, family member or even to be a first responder on the scene of an emergency. Click here to see if you are on the list of those needing certification for employment CPR certification.