Quality Improvement Plan

At G Medical CPR we make a commitment to improving the quality of our CPR classes, after every class we do a formal evaluation to rate our class size to ask if there’s anything that we should improve to ask if they retain the information and to also ask if they feel that they will be able to react in emergency situations.

We would like to see how we can improve our teaching to see how we can improve our overall time or any changes that our students would like to see. Such as how we can improve our classroom environment, or the comfortability they have with working with the other students in instances like 2 rescuer cpr.  At G Medical the opinion of our student matters and we think that they have the best ideas of how to improve the quality of their cpr class.

Here at G Medical CPR we not only abide by the standards set by the American Heart Association, but we also have a higher standard that will allow anyone who comes to work with us or even take a class will understand the seriousness and quality atmosphere we try to provide at all of our location. As soon as you walk in you’ll be greeted in a clean environment and you will have you paper work and book waiting for you and our class actually will be there 30 minutes early just in case you have any questions before we start.

We have an office manager that over looks the paperwork to make sure everything if filled out properly maintained and that all of our students get their cards on time. After all we deal with people’s lively hoods on a daily basis, their jobs , we understand that you have to provide for your family so we take pride every time we are able to provide a student with their cpr card.

We have a training site coordinator that is constantly dealing with the training center to make sure we are doing everything exactly like our training site is conducting cpr, we understand that when you come to g medical cpr you are really coming to an extension of the cpr lady, so we wish to keep the standard that was set by making sure to never overlook any detail no matter how big or small

We have conducted an administrative self review, and passed with flying colors , and when new standards are set we will abide to all of them immediately, we understand this just as well as we understand the latest ways in doing the cpr procedure that we adhere to .

We are always looking for the newest technology to help our students retain the information better and just to get through to the overall CPR certification public how important the procedure is and how much we desire for you to learn it.

Our quality improvement promise is that if there’s anything that we can do to improve the experience of one of our students we will take full advantage of it, we put our students first and their learning and overall comfort while learning is what is important to us.