Quality Assurance Plan

G Medical CPR Quality Assurance Plan


At G Medical CPR we assure you the highest quality of service from our instructors with various backgrounds in the medical field and emergency first responders to the great teaching background that our instructors have gives us the ability to teach our students in such a way that they retain the information unlike any other CPR class.


You will understand that you have come to a CPR class unlike any other and that you got quality CPR training for the money that you spent, we assure that you will have the best equipment, the best service, and the best guidance. All of our equipment is top of the line provided by world point our mannequins provide a check light to show if you’re doing compressions properly.


We use a pocket mask to deliver to breast after 30 compressions for one rescuer CPR for adult child and infant and in this case the chest will rise to show the student that they are administering the breaths properly. We have quality Aed’s that interpret the automated portion in English and in Spanish; we have all of the first aid equipment from epinephrine pens to first aid kits. We even have gloves to show how to take off gloves properly without getting any contaminants on you. We assure you at G Medical cpr that all of our mannequins are sterilized daily with bleach and warm soapy water.


All of our files are kept properly so there’s no problem with duplicate card requests or even if a persons job wanted to call and verify that someone’s card was up to date, we actually have a method of digitizing all of our information to keep it in the computer so that is can be readily accessed.


There’s somebody always on the phone to answer your every need., gmedical cpr is an official pillar of cpr in the los Angeles are so we make sure that we are very detail oriented in everything we do to show that we are excellence in the field of cpr training in los Angeles. We have quality facilities that is top-of-the-line and is always maintained superior to any cpr place you have ever come across, we have spacious room carpet and even kneepads so don’t you so that you don’t have to hurt your knees to do CPR.


We provide a comfortable atmosphere where are students can share their stories of the emergency experience, we go over the things they did right and wrong so that if they were in a situation ever again they would be able to react at a moments notice.


G Medical cpr is the place to get your CPR card and we would like to see you there soon after all everybody needs to get CPR certified from the surgeons to the babysitters from the security guards all the way to the caregivers cpr needs to be provided early and often in case of emergency if the victim is not breathing or only gas thing and does not have a pulse