Moreno Valley CPR


CPR has been used ever since the year of 1740. However, a lot of

Americans today do not know how to perform it. Performed properly CPR

can save a lot of lives.

First, what does CPR even stand for? CPR stands for Cardio (which

refers to the heart) Pulmonary (which refers to the lungs) Resuscitation

(which means to revive from death or unconsciousness.) It’s important to

know what CPR is and how to perform CPR for it could reduce the death

rates of cardiac arrest all over America.

Studies show that sudden cardiac arrests are responsible for 300,000

deaths each year in the United States. That’s about 1 every minute. “It is a

major public health issue” says Gordon A. Ewy, MD, professor emeritus of

medicine and director emeritus of the UA Sarver Heart Center. “The

survival rates were abysmal and essentially unchanged for 30 years, in spite

of recurrent updates of the national CPR guidelines.”

The more people in the United States who knows how to perform CPR

the better. Therefore whenever someone has free time they should spend it in

a CPR class. The use of CPR not only benefits yourself but it also benefits

the lives of the people who are around you on a regular day basis.