Mobile CPR

Need CPR certification for your whole office? Many times there may be new employees or a student here or there, but if you need certification for 6 or more people in your health care facility, child care facility, security guard office,  nannys, or even nursing registry such as AHP or Health Care Partners. We would love to come to you and conduct your cpr class from the comfort of you own office.

We have a vast deal of experience of making sure everyone that needs cpr certification gets their card right away and can get back to work, the truth is you may just need cpr renewal and you could have already been taught cpr but most state owned organizations, child care facilities, and all health care associated need cpr certification.

Mobile CPR Classes Los Angeles

Mobile-CPR-Los-AngelesWe know you may have an idea about what to do and that is great, we thank you for knowing what cpr is and having an idea how to administer it, at the same time our motto is don’t think twice, save a life because we want you to act at a moments notice so the precious time that could be extremely vital to saving the life of a victim that has no pulse.

The reason why they make you to get certification is to make sure you have that practice fresh in your mind every 2 years and that you have a certification proving that you are current in your knowledge of the latest ways to administer the cpr procedure.

CPR Renewal

If your already have cpr certification then you can get a renewal, at a lesser price, just give us a call at (310) 946-2533, we offer custom deals depending on our class availability, so just give us a call and get on the schedule many of our students have been certified more that 10 times and in these cases we know that you know what you are doing , we just want to be the local location where you know you can come and get your re-certification and get back to work.

Online CPR Renewal

Ok so heres the low down on online CPR certification, we here at G-medical CPR offer certification through the American Heart Association and that certification requires a manual in person instruction with feedback on how the process of cpr is to be administered and tested. So many times you’ll see advertisements of online cpr certification, just to clear the air, this will not quality for any child or health care facility, and most of the time when ever there is a cpr verification  needed this will not be in any system, so in essence you are wasting your money and jeopardizing the standing of you job, so we here at G-Medical CPR are the real deal we will get you what you really need to get back to work and be certified in case of an emergency with he card and knowing what to do in an emergency situation.