How to Get CPR Certified

Steps to get CPR certified to get CPR certified is very simple especially with G Medical cpr all you have to do is give us a call at 323-946-2533 to schedule an appointment.

 The appointment will consist of a class time on either Tuesday Thursday or Saturday -Tuesday or Thursday at 4:30 p.m. or Saturday at 9 a.m., when you schedule your specific class that you would like you’ll get a text message from us with all the details of the class you are taking, the details will include the pricing of the class which currently we have a sale for a $50 for the class and $15 for the book hurry now and and get CPR certified as those prices are subject to change. The book is a mandatory aha requirement that will be a guide to you through out the 2 years you are cpr certified just in case you needed a refresher on a few details about the cpr procedure.

CPR Class Carson/Compton Residents only $45cpr classes Ingelwood

Also in the text will be the location of our office, we are located in Inglewood California right across the street from Hollywood Park Casino and the Great Western forum on Prairie Avenue,  our Cross Street is arbor vitae and prairie and we are in a 7-eleven shopping center. 905 South Prairie Ave Inglewood CA 90301.

We would like to also let you know that we have free parking and our facilities are state of the art we have top of the line mannequins and we have the best instructors in all of Southern California. Our instructors range from medical professionals to great teachers to even and emt’s and paramedics we have instructors from all different backgrounds all different ethnicities and cultures and even different languages.

Get CPR Certified

Call us and ask for we have CPR certified people speaking languages such as Spanish, Korean, and English but we will be looking to certify anyone who wishes to learn. Also in the text message that you receive will have anything you should bring to the class, normally this will consist of a pen or pencil, some paperwork to take notes, and be ready to do compressions on the mannequins so you women would have to wear clothing with a modest neckline so that they can feel comfortable performing this CPR procedures.cpr-certification-inglewood

Once you get the text message you have a confirmed appointment and this appointment will be your time to come to CPR class the day before your CPR class you will also get a call and text message confirming your appointment either the night before or the day of earlier in the day. When you get that appointment simply text back or respond to the call saying that you have confirmed your appointment and you will be there so that the instructor will know how many students to expect in the class.

The reason this is is because at G Medical cpr we don’t believe in a cancellation policy another words once you schedule your appointment you don’t have to pay, you simply give us a call and give us your first and last name and you’ll be put on the schedule tentatively if you decide not to come that’s fine we will reschedule you to the next class, we understand that things may come up unexpectedly and you will have to cancel your class, But we do want you to know that when we reserve a seat in a class it is for you and we would rather not give your spot to somebody else because if our class gets to full we will have to turn people away to the next class, so be respectful to us please and give us a call if you wish to cancel beforehand. Most of the time you can do this when we call to confirm so that we can know if you’re going to be in the class or not when you show up to the day of class be ready to learn CPR class like you’ve never learned it before.

Our teachers have learned so much throughout the years of teaching many times people have gotten cpr certified at other locations , and they simply do a 15-30 minute overview and give you your card, if that is even real, people waste ther money and didn’t eve learn anything in the process. Well we can’t control how other instructors teach, we just know that when you come to us we would like for you to truly learn at its core what cpr is all about.

CPR stands for cardio pulmonary resuscitation cardio meaning Heart pulmonary meaning lungs and resuscitate meaning to resuscitate the heart or bring back the lungs from not working in essence. We recognize that the oxygen in the blood stream or lack thereof 9 times outta 10 will be the true source of the passing of the victim we want to drill this into the students psyche so that they know first hand and second hand instinctively what to do in an emergency.cpr-class-in-spanish

We go over different experiences from different students, we learn from our students each and every class some of our students are more heavily experienced and have dont more cpr than we ever could and if you don’t happen to be in a class with one of these individuals you will be in for a treat, we believe in letting the experience be the instructor letting the person tell their story about how they save somebody’s life after all that is what we’re here to do. At G Medical or motto is

don’t think twice save a life

so we don’t want you thinking once twice you want you to act at a moment’s notice after all every second counts how do we know that just hold your breath after a while every second will count thank you and we hope to be your CPR instructor in the near future.