Hospitality CPR

G Medical has conducted classes at places like Marriott, Crown Plaza, and even Hilton Hotels. Through out this process we have learned the real necessity for this knowledge in the Hotel and Hospitality System

You see there are so many people in a hotel at one time, its actually a law that someone in the facility has to be CPR certified at all times. Just think, in the city of Los Angeles, there could be up to a 500 person occupancy in some hotels in the Los Angeles area at one time.

With so many elderly being the majority of the retirement travelers, and families , theres bound for something to happen. There could be heart attacks, cardiac arrests and even things like choking, and there have been quite a few horror stories from the staff that we have taught throughout the years.

We got to one class and the staff that works the kitchen was telling us that someone in the restaurant was choking on steak mostly because of the fact that their meat was too tough to chew, and one of the guests from the hotel stepped up and did the abdominal thrusts because there was no one from the hotel that know what to do.

We also can sympathize with this situation, because when an emergency occurs, its a scary event and unless your properly trained there is no telling how you will respond. So we train heard not only on First Aid but more importantly on safety to prevent these medical emergencies from happening.

Los Angeles Hospitality CPR