Free CPR Classes

We have a great opportunity for anyone who would like to get CPR certified all you have to is go to our website and go to the bottom of the website where it says CPR classes online and click , ( watch the video “titled What is CPR ( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation )” )

The reason why we would like for you to watch this video is because we want to weed out the people that really want to learn CPR,, this video will teach you , but if you not really interested and you just wanted something free, we do have limited space available only 15 students max, so we would rather give it to the students who need the class the most.

Download the pdf book, CPR Book  then give us a call to get put on the schedule for an Officially Free CPR Class that we are offering on May 20th at 1pm where you will receive a CPR card from the American Heart Association totally free a $50.00 value , sometimes we just want to give back .. So if interested take a look at those videos and give us a call to get CPR certified, many people need CPR certification for their jobs, limit 15 students per class… p.s. to get put on the schedule you will have to verify that you have watched the video…

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