CPR South Los Angeles

If you look at the map just below here there’s no cpr classes catering south Los Angeles, South Gate or even Lynwood in the South Los Angeles County area,  on a professional scale until now. We are happy to serve this area, as a resident of this community we felt that this was an important service that was needed in South Los Angeles.

compton_college_cpr_classesThere are many child care facilities that need their cpr card and security guards, teachers, and even personal trainers that would really rather go somewhere local for their cpr certification. The closest place besides G Medical CPR is all the way in hollywood, torrance, or hunnington park. The reason is because businesses cater to the money and since they feel there’s no money in South Los Angeles they try going to more affluent areas like Orange County or Beverly Hills.

To the right is a picture of one of our affiliate under served before and now well served college campuses as it pertains to cpr, please support your local cpr class save gas , and get a better education

BLS Heart Saver AED & First Aid CPR Card

Also G-Medical CPR is the premier provider of medical care in the South central community of Los Angeles, serving areas such as Florence and Vermont, Crenshaw and Manchester, 90044, and even Downtown Los Angeles 90021. We feel that it is necessary to inform all of our students to be doctors of their families so that we wouldn’t need to perform CPR in the 1st place, and so that we could always be on the alert of potential hazards that may arise in the the homes or on the job.

G Medical CPR is going above and beyond the call of just cpr education, you really get the start of a great and lasting medical education by coming to our local facility. We have affiliates in job placement and you could even work with us, if interested please give us a call at (310) 946-2533. We would love to have you be apart of our life saving team.

Lynwood CPR Class

We take pride in teaching as a whole we love the joy in hearing our students say that that was the most comprehensive cpr class that I have ever attended and in case of an emergency I will surely be prepared. That’s because we drill it in you to the point where you are just like an emergency professional, similar to an ambulance and after that we test you to make sure you are applying the service correctly and that you are not thinking in and emergency but reacting accordingly from it being second nature. See video below.


CPR Class South Central Los Angeles

The South Central Los Angeles area is under served, and we know this because we have been in this community since the 1960’s we have seen the city go from full of life and spirit to desolate and a business desert, we we expect to change that starting with the health of of our community and we expect to do our part of what ever we can to change the lives of every student that comes to our class weather they come southwest_college_cpr_classes from south central Los Angeles, west Los Angeles or any where around Los Angeles.

This picture to the left is a affiliate college South West  that we would like to serve all of their cpr needs, Please give us a call if you are a medical student with a need for your cpr classes.

South West College CPR Classes

We specialize in serving south west college, Cal-State Dominguez hills, and the Compton campus of El Camino college, we specialize in those places that most business that their actions show they are too scared to serve, we have a mobile unit cpr class that even goes on skid row and all the undeserved communities, because to us we feel that this is our specialty and we care.

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