Spanish Class Inglewood

The last time we wrote this blog we were trying to implement a Spanish class that can tend to our Spanish speaking students, since it is the majority language in Los Angeles, CA.

Well in seeing this vast disparity with our English speakers in the Los Angeles we decided to implement a Spanish class that will help all those looking for work to be bi-lingual so that you could become more employable, and guess what we are offering an introductory offer completely FREE for the next 4 weeks

This is a great opportunity to come to the class to see if this is right for you considering we have a great teacher, you will most likely be able to speak read and write Spanish by the completion of the class.

We are offering this class so that we can get the person that is looking for a job more employable, we have strategic partnerships with the Inglewood one stop work source unemployment off ice and they are always looking for bi-lingual speakers since we have so many Spanish speakers in this area.cpr class in spanish

Spanish Classes In Los Angeles

We started this CPR class to give our Inglewood residents a closer place to renew their CPR certification, and as it turns out we have turn this place into a location where you can get many things you need to get a job in the first place.

Since we started with CPR we have added DOT physicals for truck drivers that needed to get a job and even to get this commercial drivers license in the first place, after that we added drug testing which is also a requirement for those employers who are asking for that service.

Now we have the Spanish class, and if your ever in the position where your absolutely coming from nothing , meaning no money in your pocket, then just volunteer a few hours and you can take that free, so we have many options for you