NASM CPR AED Certification

NASM Stands for National Academy of Sports Medicine. This in most cases is the Certification exam that Personal Trainers would take which we have a 99% pass rate with all of our students who take our CPR certification course.

When you are a personal trainer, ultimately you’re dealing with people’s heart rates. When people work out they are dealing with the cardio, which is short for the cardiovascular system. Pretty much you’re dealing with the heart and the circulation of the blood. 

Of course people are mostly hiring personal trainers because they need help working out , so for the most part these aren’t people who have a very long history of working out themselves or are very experienced with how to properly work out without overdoing it.

nasm-national-academy-of-sports-medcine-cpr-certfication-los-angelesThe beauty in being a personal trainer is really you are a doctor, Yes, you are a doctor, that’s why they call it sports medicine. You see, every time someone goes to the doctors office for high blood pressure or diabetes or maybe even cancer, the first thing they are going to tell you to do is watch your diet and do exercise.

Personal Trainer CPR AED Certification Los Angeles 

Well, being a personal trainer when someone is borderline sick, just having them work out with you and have them on a good diet plan you could reverse whatever sickness they have. 

Sure the personal training can go to the next level and get more advanced, but majority of the clients that really need the help need a great diet , moderate exercise on a cough density of consistent level, and lastly health education and herbal remedies with  nutrient dense content, like sea moss, elderberry etc. That is pretty much the recipe for health, so really our best friends are the personal trainers


So it’s very important to take a CPR class that emphasizes the education of what, when , why, and how to do CPR, that way you are more informed about what to do to prevent an emergency. So this certification is more of a preventative measure, to not overwork the client that you are doing the personal training.

CPR AED certification NASM

Many personal trainers attend our course before their certification exam and they are really appreciative of the detail that goes into the class, we constantly hear from students that have been certified somewhere else and then they come to us a end up leaving , and actually understand when to do CPR, it’s just basically us breaking down CPR on a 5th grade level so that everyone can understand without a shallow of a doubt.


NASM Certification Los Angeles

Because of the way we teach, and the fact that so many people leave with true understanding, we almost always have our personal trainers pass their nasm exam. Also we get a high volume of NASM certified personal trainers or Personal trainers that are looking to making things official and getting their certification

 NASM CPR AED requirements

Well the most important thing about the NASM certification is that it not be online, when they say online what they mean is that there are quite a few certifications that you can get online for 12 dollars or so but those NASM CPR AED certifications are not accepted, and the last thing you want is to one, waste 12 dollars, but the problem is, that 12 dollars isn’t enough to fight over so must people just end up losing their money. 

Or 2 to get to your test date after waiting and studying and ready to pass, and not be able to take the test. The reason the online certifications are not accepted is because they don’t give the student the hands-on experience needed to be properly prepared to do CPR if necessary in a real life emergency experience 

Also the fact that an instructor can monitor the educational process and make sure the student passes an examination.