NASM CPR AED Certification

NASM Stands for National Academy of Sports Medicine this in most cases is the Certification exam that Personal Trainers would take which we have a 99% pass rate with all of our students who take our CPR certification course.

When you a personal trainer ultimately your dealing with peoples heart rates. When people work out they are dealing with the cardio, which is short for the cardio vascular system. Pretty much your dealing with the heart and the circulation of the blood.

So its very important to take a CPR class that emphasizes the education of what, when , why, and how to do CPR, that way you are more informed about what to do to prevent an emergency. So this certification is more of a preventative measure, to no over work the client that you are doing the personal training for by not over working them.

Many personal trainers attend our course before their certification exam and they are really appreciative of the detail that goes into the class because of the help that