Infant CPR Training

First off never take your eyes off that infant, they are so curious. The thing is their curiosity deals so heavily with putting things in their mouth and of course this can lead to choking. Not only that but they can swallow something sharp like a staple or something poisonous. Be very careful when dealing with infants, because they are high risk although it may seem like its not.

Also you have to factor in suffocation. The baby can suffocate, while lying in the crib, so baby monitors are a must. At the end of the day its very important to keep the infants out of harms way, but accidents happen and in these cases if it has led to the infant being unresponsive with no breathing or no pulse you just have to act.

We don’t want you to have to panic because you forgot what to do. Not only is it beneficial for everyone to get CPR certified, right now we have a special for any expectant mother that will be giving birth to a new baby or even a new born baby that has already been bornĀ  as well as immediate their families.]


watch the video below to learn a little bit about infant CPR. Skip to 102:00 to get the explanation on how to perform CPR First Aid for choking and CPR for an infant.