Group CPR Training Classes

Why go through the headache of arranging travel or transportation of a large group for CPR training? We will come to you! G Medical has successfully conducted CPR classes all over the Los Angeles area certifying corporate employees, doctor’s office employees,  school teachers, warehouse workers , etc. We love working in the field and seeing the passion that many people have for CPR and how important it is.


Our instructors take a hands on approach in making sure the training is thorough and complete. Our goal is to ensure you know the procedures and be confident in performing them.

Course: Heart saver First Aid CPR AED or BLS for Healthcare Providers.

Days:  Monday thru Friday.

Time: We can be flexible. Please call or email us for session times.

Heartsaver Rate:  $60.00 per person. You may qualify for a  10-20% discount depending on the number in your group.

Minimum of 10 to qualify for discount.

BLS Rate: $60.00 per person. We offer a 10-20% discount based on the number in your group.

Certification: We are certified by the American Heart Association.

Certification Duration: We provide 2 years certification.

How  can we schedule a Group Class?  Have  your decision maker call us  at: (310) 946-2533.

Payment Options: We can bill you or you can pre-pay. A deposit may be required .

We will draft and submit to you an agreement that will include our terms and a discount based on the number of students reserved for the class. The invoice will be submitted on the completion of the class.

First Aid, CPR, AED, Heart Saver Certification Los Angeles

BLS (Basic Life Support):  This refers to the medical care rendered to a person that has experienced a traumatic event and needs the necessary attention until the emergency response professionals arrive to transport the victim to a hospital or medical facility where they can receive the required medical care.

CPR Training Classes Los Angeles

BLS is vital because it assists the person’s breathing process and promotes blood circulation to the brain and heart. In addition to other factors, it can provide the person in need precious additional time for 911 responders arrive.

If you are the BLS provider, DO NOT leave the victim. If possible, have someone else call 911 immediately while you, the BLS provider, continue to offer support.  This can include:


  • CPR
  • Rescue breathing
  • Wound care
  • Pressure dressings
  • Firs Aid etc.


Every 33 seconds someone in the United States dies from cardiovascular disease which is roughly the equivalent of a September 11th-like tragedy repeating itself every 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Call Now to Schedule you Group’s Class at:  (310) 946-2533