Free CPR Classes

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I know what your thinking whats the catch, well there is a catch, this is the class alone, now we do offer certification for anyone who needs it, but we are offering purely free classes, all you have to do is call in and schedule an appointment for your next class, there are tons of people who need cpr certification click here for a list to see –>if you need cpr certification.

At the same time we are very tired of seeing so many lives that could have been saved if only someone could have known the right way to do cpr and could respond in a moments notice. So its really not about the certification to us it’s about saving lives.

We are standing by the phone to assist you. We offer quality CPR training classes in the city of Inglewood, and even to the whole city of Los Angeles. Our motto here at G medical CPR is “don’t think twice save a life”, the reason is that we want you to truly know this as if it was second nature, ant that’s why our class isn’t just some rink-a-dink class that you don’t get anything out of, its actually a life changing experience that will be ingrained in your mind if that moment ever comes and you have to literally save someones life.

How do we know because we have quality teachers that make this class fun, not only that but we will take a hands on approach to making sure that you are actually getting it, anyone who leaves a cpr class and doesn’t feel supremely confident about applying it, is just wasting his or her time, so you know this is something you can put on your resume and its a just to always good have someone who is cpr certified around so give us a call now. (310) 946-2533. Free Cpr Classes Inglewood