Free CPR Classes Los Angeles

G Medical CPR is now offering truly free classes as long as you meet certain criteria. Our bread and butter are our caregivers, our security guards, and healthcare professionals. It’s thanks to you that we still have a business in the midst of this COVID 19 pandemic, and that’s why we offer various sales at different times of the year like our $50 special that we may bring back for the summer and things of that nature.

Free CPR First Aid Certification Los AngelesBut, for a truly free class including certification we want to offer this to all family members that are dealing with a child with autism, all expecting mothers – meaning women that are pregnant and their husbands to learn Infant CPR and anybody in their household.

We also want to offer free certification to anybody who has been affected by an emergency where they wish they knew CPR. Many times we have students that have experienced and emergency, but when it came time to do CPR they panicked or they did not know what to do. This could be due to the fact that there are simply very few high quality CPR and first aid certification agencies in the Los Angeles

This is a business so we can’t give out everything for free but for select individuals who are going through certain experiences we are willing to give out a free certification. Call us at 310-946-2533 if you need more information.

CPR First Aid Certification Los Angeles

Now for those of you who want to just learn the information click here CPR class Online and learn everything completely online from the comfort of your own home on your smart phone or tablet or computer.

The only difference between those individuals that are coming to the class is that they will be able to ask questions and they will get hands-on training. But you can always ask questions, just email us at Certification

At the same time we are very tired of seeing so many lives that could have been saved if only someone could have known the right way to do CPR and could respond in a moment’s notice. So its really not about the certification card itself to us, it’s about saving lives and spreading this valuable information.

Free CPR and First Aid Certification Los Angeles

We are standing by the phone to assist you. We offer quality CPR training classes in the city of Inglewood, and even to the whole city of Los Angeles.

Our motto here at G Medical CPR is “don’t think twice save a life”, we want you to truly know this as if it was second nature, and that’s why our class isn’t just some rink-a-dink class that you don’t get anything out of, it’s actually a life changing experience that will be ingrained in your mind for the rest of your life and if that moment ever comes and you have to literally save someone’s life.

Free Online CPR Certification

How do we know because we have quality teachers that make this class fun, not only that but we take a hands on approach to making sure that you are actually getting it, anyone who leaves a CPR class and doesn’t feel supremely confident about applying it, is just wasting his or her time, so you know this is something you can put on your resume and its a just to always good have someone who is CPR certified around so give us a call now. (310) 946-2533. Free CPR Classes Los Angeles.


CPR Certification Class

You know what we don’t usually do this but if you want to learn CPR for free, just watch this video, below. If you actually need certification, after watching the video below make an appointment and we will give you a discount of 25% off for all CPR and First Aid customers.

At times there are simply just students that actually want to learn CPR and to be honest with you this is a knowledge that you are entitled to completely for free.

So remember this does not include certification, if you want that you would have to come into our office and perform the hand on skills and there is actually a fee for that.

That fee is actually $50.00 to attend one of our classes , but since you watched the video, we will give you a discount for 25% OFF and the price will come out to $40.00 for CPR Training, trust it does not get any better than this !! For CPR First Aid AED and for Adult/ Child /Infant but you have come into our office after scheduling an appointment and just do your hands on skills.