CPR Classes Gardena

G Medical CPR  has been offering CPR in 1st aid training to the Gardena community for well over 7 years. We are very experienced in understanding what type of community businesses thrive in this beautiful city and we specialize in certifying all the businesses in the Gardena area.

From the students at the school district to the, the child care facilities, to the many doctor and dental offices, we have an abundance of experience in  CPR and First Aid certification and we are happy to serve the Gardena community.

CPR Certification GardenaCPR certification Gardena

We are located just off the 405 freeway freeway exit Manchester in Downtown Inglewood and we are simply a 10 minute drive from the Gardena area due to Covid-19  we were unable to open up a Gardena office and maintain different locations.

We are able to accommodate your needs for online certification but if you would like a class in person we would recommend that you come to our Inglewood office at 502 South La Brea Ave. Inglewood, CA 90301.

CPR First Aid Certification Gardena

We can’t be in every city so if you’re willing to commute just a tad bit, we will be here for you. We have great equipment great of facilities and great And great experienced instructors that are happy to serve you for your CPR first aid training needs. Our specialty is in understanding ( the simple way ) of what, when, why, and how to do CPR.