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Right now for a limited time only we are offering a #hometowndiscount to all Compton Residents with valid ID. $45 for Heart saver CPR AED and First Aid.

It all started for us in Compton, this is truly where G-medical has come from , after growing up our whole lives in Compton, California from Campanella Park to Enterprise pool system is where we first got our 1st certification in CPR. Growing up from a family of life guards, being CPR certified was an every year thing.

So we thought it would only be right to create a page that would let our Compton residents know that you have a business out there that not only understands you, but is one of you, so support you local CPR business, everyone from teachers, security guards, any one watching our children and anyone in the medical field.

CPR First Aid Class Compton

The good thing about us is that we have an ear to the pulse of the many students that our teachers take care of on a daily basis and let me tell you its not good, definitely not great.

Last week we had one of our elementary school teachers tell us that over 70% of our youth in the Compton unified school district are on some type of medication.

We’ve heard stories like the school nurse is in on it, the physiologist is in on it the school police the teachers the doctors and even some of the parents try to push this type of behavior.

Since we are you local CPR class and we deal with first aid, we have noticed many students that have come up with allergies and asthma. We have to teach our teachers how to properly administer an epinephrine injection so that just one of the students had a allergic reaction it could trigger an asthma attack or something even worse.

CPR Certification Compton

One teacher even said that it seemed like every other student was coming up autistic. Where is this all coming from and why do we find this predominately in our Compton unified school district. We have our own personal beliefs and we will share them with you in class but thats neither here nor there. This is one of the many reasons we would like for you to come to our CPR class, simply because we care.

We also want to hear from the people on the front line in the community

So why not come to us and we could tell you what the last set of teachers said about their students, as well as we can have you meet your fellow co workers from different schools. You all have to get CPR certified anyway. We are a black owned business in a predominately black city and we do appreciate the art of black business.

G-Medical CPR is about saving lives, and we realize that if it ever gets to the point where you will have to do CPR, then surely it is already too late, we teach in our classes that if a person doesn’t have a heart beat or isn’t breathing then the person is technically dead, and we would like to prevent that at all costs so half of our class time is spent finding ways to never have to get top the point to where cpr is needed.

Compton CPR Class

But if it is needed then we will react with the best of them early and on time to save a persons life without panic and making sure to do the necessary steps all the way until the ambulance comes. So come join us at your local CPR class we are in Inglewood, but i promise you this will be something that you will want to look forward to coming to every two years.