CPR Class Culver City

G Medical CPR has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the CPR certification field. Culver City has been one of the many areas in the Los Angeles area that we serve for almost 10 years now. Over the years we have become more efficient in training , getting our class times down to 2 hours, and making our price as cost effective as possible .

Our experienced instructors include military veterans, EMSA certified Paramedics, and even physician assistants in the healthcare field.

CPR Class Culver City

We would love the opportunity to be your CPR certification provider for years to come, we have an abundance of positive reviews from our former students that love our service that we offer.

G Medical CPR is located in the Inglewood area, pretty much the next city over from Culver City, we also serve bordering cities such as Ladera Heights, and even Westchester.  G Medical CPR is a pillar in the is community and we promise that if you choose us for your certification you are in good hands.


CPR Certification Culver City

G Medical CPR teaches on the basics, we deal with the true meaning of CPR which is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Which simply means Heart , Lungs, and Brain. Its that type of simplicity that we are all about.

A few weeks back we were teaching a class to a group of elementary school teachers, and we noticed that the students in the class were listening as well. The reason they were so engaged was because the material is very easy to understand not using allot of medical jargon. This is why we are starting an initiative to get this CPR and First Aid training in schools,

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This is vital knowledge that everyone should know, no matter what the age, so we always ask our students in the class to share the information that they get from the class with their friends and family. We also have an online option where you can have a very informative watch party with the family that will benefit them a great deal.


CPR Training Near LAX

At the end of the day our main goal is for our students to know what to do when its time to do CPR which is in the event of an emergency.