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Growing up in LA I was a child of a local business owner who owned multiple driving schools in the city at the age of 16 I got a job working for my father in that driving school working at the front desk filing papers doing administrative work.

After getting my drivers license I then started helping to teach the driver’s education class. I learned more about driver’s education, but then I learned more about teaching and I built my experience in teaching because  of my family background of teachers and my family background of business owners.

These 2 worlds collided to make me a business owner and teacher of CPR certification to the Carson community. My father had the driving school located right there on Avalon and Carson street, right now there’s a big apartment complex  and Uncle Darrows where his business used to be.

CPR and First Aid Certification Carson

When I opened multiple businesses in other parts of the city he always used to tell me how good of a business he had in the Carson area. But, because of the fact that we had so many franchise locations , Carson seem to be a neglected area of the city that we never got to truly harness.

My grandfather actually ran the  business and it always stayed busy and they remained loyal faithful and constantly supported that business.

This is why I am so proud to offer a discount to the Carson residents of $40  per person

Nowhere else in L. A. will we offer this discount ,nobody in the whole city will be able to pay only $40 for a 2 year certification except for Carson residents. This goes for all the Carson high school teachers, Carson caregivers, the Carson medical personnel,  restaurant workers, the construction workers for this budding city.I myself was a lifeguard at Victoria park in Carson.

Carson CPR Class

CPR Class Carson

Having loved my experience is why I would like to live in Carson buy my home in Carson open up a business in Carson but most importantly serve the inhabitants of the Carson community with high quality CPR certification.

Not to mention I’m a Charger fan, The San Diego Chargers which moved from san Diego to the Carson community at The Home Depot center I was always proud of how they took them in .

I always wish I would went to Cal State the Dominguez Hills in that Carson community, since my family lived right up the way from Compton, CA, my whole life would have changed if I would have only chose to support my local Carson community.

CPR Class Online

This is why I feel so strongly about Is starting to lay roots in the Carson community, my grandmother worked for over 40 years at Harbor UCLA Hospital Carson

CPR Class Near Me Carson

Well here at G medical CPR we are not a liquor store, we are not a weed dispensary, and we are not some new fast food restaurant offering death with a good taste. We are giving the life saving Information of CPR to the community you can take this knowledge and bring it back to your families and share it with each and every one of you for free this the gift that keeps on giving.


Thank You Carson #CarsonStrong