Child Care CPR An First Aid Certification

Here at G Medical CPR and First Aid Certification Los Angeles, we offer CPR, First Aid, Health and Safety for Day Care Providers, and even nutrition courses in the Los Angeles area. We have been offering this service to the residents of Los Angeles County since 2010.

Since that time we have certified various day care facilities for children ranging in ages from infant all the way to 7 years old, we have certified middle school teachers, high schools, after school programs, school bus drivers. The list goes on and on. Not only that but most of our instructors have children and have real world experience working with various youth programs still to this day.

This is the experience we are pulling from when we teach on the need for CPR and First Aid anyone offering child care in the Los Angeles area.

Child Care CPRWe teach that typically when you deal with children, you are for the most part going to be working with a situation where its most likely going to be a breathing emergency, bleeding, or even poisoning. You see we teach here that the vital organs are the Heart, Lungs, and Brain, and for the most part children have healthy hearts.

So if they are going to have a problem its going to be dealing with the oxygen coming into the system or it could be a problem with bleeding.

Just think of the various problems that children will get into, obviously children aren’t going to die or natural causes ina ripe old age. So if children have a problem unless they were born with a birth defect, it will be an accidental choking, or they may cut themselves on a knife etc.

We also teach on the need for safety first and knowing the history of the child, getting a detailed report from the parent about the potential risk factor when dealing with a particular child.