Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is like this? When we schedule a class that will reserve a seat for you and you alone, there’s no one else that can take that spot besides you. So although we have been very lenient with our students in the past, we have to do something about all the numerous cancellations that occur.

So only from bad experiences in the past we have to take payment up front before the class to reserve a seat in the class otherwise your seat will not be reserved, now right now with Covid 19 it is very important for the students to schedule and pay in advance because we just cannot have a class that is too full. Before Covid, we used to do classes that had up to 20 students, but now with Covid and social distancing we can only do classes of about 8 students. So with that being said if you don’t make the payment in advance , and you show up to class , we will not turn you away unless our class is just simply too full.