Black Owned Business doing CPR and First Aid Certification

G Medical CPR is proud to say we have a black owned business here in Inglewood ca. We are posting to inform you of a new CPR class in Los Angeles that has been turning heads for the last 2 years right here in Inglewood ca right across the street from The Rams Stadium, G Medical CPR.

CPR Class Inglewood

After teaching this long for a few years now and learning from various paramedics, EMT’s, doctors and various first res-ponders, we now have a new way of teaching CPR that is allowing the students to retain the information better and even have better success in saving lives through the CPR procedure.

So Whats the Secret ?

True understanding, see we give the students true understanding of why they even do the CPR procedure in the first place,what it is , when to do CPR before even covering How.

This is very critical , to the development of a student taking CPR for the 1st time or the 20th time, and that is why our CPR class is so refreshing because most of the students in our class have just not heard the stuff they hear in our class before.

So, when its time for a renewal, come to our class, and truly understand why you do the procedure and you’ll be successful when that critical time comes when someone’s life is on the line. Thank you for taking the time out to read a little about G Medical CPR Los Angeles, here are a few links to help you in you education


CPR First Aid

502 South La Brea Ave

Inglewood, CA 90301