Black Owned CPR and First Aid Business

G Medical CPR is a CPR business located in the heart of Inglewood California that has a reputation for being one of the best CPR classes in Los Angeles because of our student perspective way of teaching and our vast amount of experience teaching in the field.

The reason why you will want to come to us is because you will truly leave with the understanding of what you need to do to save someone’s life.

We don’t have the top quality facilities that you will find in Beverly Hills, or UCLA campuses of Westwood but we are COVID 19 free and clean. When we moved 2 times and every time we moved we moved to a better facility and upgraded our equipment and staff. Our humble beginnings included a small 500 square feet office located right across the street from the new SoFi Stadium, but even then we got it laced up with high quality carpet and a beautiful color scheme, actually with a women’s touch.

Black Owned CPR and First Aid Business Los Angeles

We do offer Beverly Hills service though we’re not in the most expensive part of town but the  knowledge that we offer to save a life is priceless.

We advertise that we are a black owned and operated business because we are and we are very proud of it. But because we’re a black owned that does not mean our service should be any less than for those of any for those of any race that choose to support our business.

In fact we strive to shake that stigma by providing the best quality service possible, if you check our reviews, with all of the thousands of customers we have we’ve maintained 5 stars in all of that time.

But rest assured out of all this time, we have never had a problem with a student’s CPR card that they needed for their job. We understand that this is serious business and we take things very seriously.

Black Owned CPR and First Aid Certification Business

After teaching this long for a few years now and learning from various paramedics, EMT’s, doctors and various first res-ponders, we now have a new way of teaching CPR that is allowing the students to retain the information better and even have better success in saving lives through the CPR procedure.

So Whats the Secret ?

True understanding, see we give the students true understanding of why they even do the CPR procedure in the first place ,what it is , when to do CPR before even covering How.

This is very critical , to the development of a student taking CPR for the 1st time or the 20th time, and that is why our CPR class is so refreshing because most of the students in our class have just not heard the stuff they hear in our class before.

So, when its time for a renewal, come to our class, and truly understand why you do the procedure and you’ll be successful when that critical time comes when someone’s life is on the line. Thank you for taking the time out to read a little about G Medical CPR Los Angeles, a a black owned CPR and First Aid certification business that teaches on the level we can all understand and retain the information and be able to use t when necessary.