Babysitting CPR Class

The market for baby sitting in Los Angeles is great. With so many young children needing child care it’s very important to have qualified baby sitters in the market that know how to perform CPR if necessary.

babysitting CPR class los angelesG Medical actually not only specializes in it but we actually have staff that teach the class but have real world work experience not only babysitting children in the Los Angeles area, but also we have teachers with over 15 children that could answer your every question when it comes to child care and all the potential risk factors involved.

Babysitters Club Los Angeles

G Medical CPR’s approach to child care and babysitting is actually a proactive approach, where we like to get ahead of the curve so we can anticipate what will happen in the future as it pertains to babysitting. As a matter of fact I am the instructor for the classes and I have 3 small children and I deal with babysitting all the time. The questions I usually ask myself are;

  • Can I trust this person with my children?
  • Are they going to be safe so that nothing happens in the first place?
  • Will they pay attention to the details so that they can recognize the signs of something that has occurred so that we can get the proper medical attention that the children need?

These are all questions that you need to ask of the perspective child care provider or baby sitter. You see we here at G Medical can only do so much in our simple 2 hour class, but what we do is cater the class to the types of students we have in the class as well as we go out to agencies and child care facilities and teach the whole staff at once.

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We also do a great job of teaching on specialized topics in our online training and our YouTube channel. So you can follow us and be sure to subscribe lol.

Pretty much we love children and have a family environment that will welcome you and your baby sitter whenever you come. Please call to make an appointment at 310-946-2533