Anatomy of the Heart

I have always said, what better opportunity to learn about the heart than a CPR class. Many of us may have never properly learned about this vital organ that we all have in our bodies. One of the things we express in our class is the purpose of the heart and the function it plays in the human body. Well in all actuality, it is the transportation system of the human body. It transports oxygen that it picks up from the lungs, to the different cells of the body , it its primarily the brain, that  controls the body the nervous system.

Well heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world., but what exactly is Heart disease ? Well heart disease is an umbrella term that actually covers various ailments of the heart. some causes are congenital; (meaning the person was born with this condition ) , or the condition can be caused over time from a poor diet.

The main risk factors that cause the heart condition from poor diet include;

  • Oil from fried foods
  • Salt not necessarily sodium ( there is a difference )
  • Cholesterol intake ( mostly animal products )
  • Sugar ( thickening the blood)
  • Fat
  • Waster matter in blood stream
  • Elevated heart rate due to Hight blood pressure
  • Enlarged Heart


First Aid for Heart Health

Many may ask, why would we be learning the anatomy of the heart in a CPR class, well the foundation of first aid is actually safety, hence the term safety first. 

In order be safe from heart disease which is the leading cause of death it starts with understanding that the case can be made that the leading cause of death is all in the amount and the consumption of certain foods that my taste good, but may very well be against the longevity of our lives.


You do CPR When the Person is Dead

You may not understand this but we actually do CPR when the person is dead, we do not do CPR on alive people. CPR is a last ditch effort to revive someone, where if you did nothing at all they would simply remain in that condition.

The reason why we emphasize this point in particular is because, we want you to understand the most likely cause that we will have to perform CPR is due to heart disease. if you want to preach safety 1st , that that will have to entail a proper diet and heart health

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