ACLS Classes Los Angeles

ACLS Classes Los Angeles: ACLS stands for advanced cardiac life support, it deals with how to conduct yourself in a team based resuscitation attempt in an environment such as the hospital where the treatment of the victim is more advanced.

ACLS as opposed to BLS which stands for basic life support is more advanced and thus directed towards doctors and registered nurses.

Most of the time if you have to take this class you already have been told by your job that this is something you have to do , so very rarely are there p[people who don’t know if they need ACLS or not.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Audience: Healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, respiratory therapist, and other professionals who may respond to a cardiovascular emergency.

Course Prerequisites: A valid BLS Provider Card not expiring within 6 months of date of instruction. Basic ECG interpretation skills. Every student must be able to identify basic ECG rhythms as part of their course completion requirements.

The CPR Hero Training Center offers the Basic ECG Course for students who wish to develop or strengthen their interpretation skills prior to attending ACLS.

Book Required!

All students must have a current book – AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider Manual (90-1014 – located on back of cover). This book is REQUIRED for the class. You can do one of the following:

Purchase book from The CPR Hero for $40 during online class enrollment.*
Bring current book to class if you have one.
*You may pick-up a purchased book prior to class. Book WILL NOT BE MAILED.

ACLS Classes Los Angeles

Course Fee:

Initial First Time: $190 + $40 Book Fee (Must be purchased w/ Course)
Renewal Fee: $160 +$40 Book Fee [Please use promo-code ACLS RENEW]*
Register Early! Schedule subject to change without notice. Enrollment is limited. Classes fill-up quickly.
Please choose an available class date below:
*ACLS Renewals Starts 2 Hours Later.

ACLS Classes Los Angeles