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CPR Certification Los Angeles

Throughout our years certifying the medical community we’ve learned quite a few things. Here is just a short list of the few things we’ve learned from real life health care providers in the field.
Mobile-CPR-Los-AngelesEveryone must know cpr

The reason why is because we realized that this is the only option in a life threatening event at the top of the food chain with the surgeons. If you don’t have  a puls and your not breathing the only option a that point is cpr. enning with ccompressions of course , so if the surgeons have to do it, its only right for the baby sitters and child care development to have to do it . Many children may choke and become unresponsive. Then what do you do? Take the class !! Its very informative .

Its sounds scarry but you dealing with a dead person.

The fact of the matter is that if a person doesn’t have a pulse and is not breathing . I hate to sat it but he’s technically dead. So at that point you have only 1 option. And good news is that if just recently happened you have almost a 60 – 40 shot in bringing the person back to life .. those numbers drop depending on if theres and AED (automated external difibulator )  or not and special injectors used to bring the hdart back to a regular beat.

If you dont want to do mouth to mouth you don’t have to, but theres so much other stuff you can do to save someones life.

say for instance you see someone lying on the ground and they are passed out what do you do? Well thats what this class will show you what to do in that situation.  You may not want to do mouth to mouth breaths in fear of contracting something , and thats understandable, but theres so much more you could have done besides just breaths. Start with the initial assessment, then move on to calling 911 and check in pulse. Oh did you know there was a shsuch thing as hands only cpr . YeS , you see all these things tou will learn in the class.

You may not be confident. So you don’t do anything in fear of doing something wrong.

Like we always say, cardiac arrest is the number 1 cause of death in the world, so chances are you are going to come across some one that has no pulse, in that moment , theres no time for indesiciveness, you have to know whay to do or you will have a lost life on your hands, no one wants that so enroll in your cpr class today

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