Cpr Class Inglewood

Gianna “Gigi” Warren-Garrett whose motto is:

“Don’t Think Twice, Save a Life”

is the Founder and CEO of G Medical CPR  class in Inglewood. She has been involved with the American Heart Association and American Red Cross at various levels for many years.

cpr class InglewoodHer medical certification backgrounds include:

  • Emergency Medical Technician Certification
  • Physician Assistant Certification
  • Preventative Medicine Health Educator
  • AHA BLS AED First Aid Instructor Certification

Her medical specialties include: Urgent Care, Family/Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, and Women’s Health. Her passion for providing compassionate healthcare and patient education, heavily influenced her to begin training individuals and communities in CPR, AED, and First Aid all across LA and Orange County.

Her mission has been to inspire and train other individuals to have the knowledge and skills to, “Don’t think twice, save a life” when involved in a life threatening everyday situations.

All of her “Trainees” consistently provide her with outstanding instructor evaluations and recommendations after taking one of her small group or individualized CPR, AED, and First-Aid courses.

G Medical CPR

G Medical CPR was created by health care professionals that saw the need for this service in the inner city Los Angeles area at a great price along with great service.

Every time we wanted to get cpr certified at Charles Drew University we never knew anyone to go to we would always ask around to our provider friends and we would always end up traveling somewhere far like Pasadena, orange county or somewhere in  the inland empire.

Inglewood CPR Class

This bothered us to a great deal, because if there were cpr certification in the Los Angeles area we could never find them online anyway,( no website).

So we decided that we had enough of every two years going to a far off place and ruining our whole weekend just to get CPR certified. So we started our own CPR certification business, only we took our experience and improved it.

cpr-certification-inglewood-caMany times if we did find a local cpr place we would go and they would just take our money and give us a card, no class, no instruction, no nothing. Or sometimes the teachers would breeze through the material assuming we knew everything from seeing it in the movies so much or because of prior classes.

CPR Certification Classes in Inglewood

These we’re fishy CPR places, and we understood that some people may not care due to busy schedule,  or family life, but us as health care providers we do what we do because of just that,  we care and we have been caring ever since the med core at USC or even the UCLA care extender program. We’ve volunteered at the shelters in downtown and still to this day offer care in the most undeserved areas via mobile units.

At G-Medical the bottom line is we actually care. And we feel as though we we’re born to care, somebody has to do it. So when you attend a class with us we care if you are understanding the material. We care if that time comes and you have to save your nephew who might have just drowned in the pool in the back yard, we care, and we want the students that actually care to come to us, this includes;

Teachers, Nurses, Dentists, Doctors, Firefighters, EMT’s, Students, Coaches, Police Officers, Lifeguards, Volunteers, and even babysitters.

Who care about what they do and care about making a difference. It all starts with you caring first.