Care Giver CPR in Los Angeles

G medical CPR specializes in CPR first aid but one of the most important career fields that have supported our business throughout the eight years of our existence has been the caregiver needing CPR in Los Angeles.


Whether it be someone giving respite care to an elderly person in need or even giving care to a child with autism, we have gotten an abundance of support form our caregivers so we thought it was only right to make a specialized training for our caregivers to give them information of how to deal with their particular situation.

The first thing we have to realize is that you’re probably giving care to replace a parent or loved one, they give this care all the time and you may be coming in when the when the daughter goes to work, or you may be coming in to just watch the child or maybe even take the child to have a good time on the town.

Whatever the case may be these are high-risk individuals and we have to know CPR and first aid. Care Giver CPR in Los Angeles

The thing is that these guardians are leaving their loved ones in your care so they want to know that you know what you’re doing, and can fend for yourself in the event of an emergency.

Weather it be a choking situation, an allergic reaction, maybe it could be chest pain due to heart attack stroke who knows the list goes on and on.

We want you to be trained up to know what to do with all these various situations here’s a few videos below please check these videos out to get a good idea;

Make sure when you come to class please ask as many questions as possible but most importantly let’s keep the energy of a student year after year throughout the whole 2 years of your certification and overtime will start to develop these first aid medical emergency skills that could save somebody’s life if necessary or it could even be used at home or in the public at a football game basketball game concert Mall Airport the list goes on and on if you’re a savior for those caregivers then you’re just a savior.